Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Beware The Limits LP

Released June 2009. 3064 copies have been pressed over vinyl and cd so far on the following labels:

1: Transitions
2: Head For Figures
3: Smart Guys
4: Your Limits Are My Limits
5: Vehicle
6: Just Like Before
7: Swallowed Whole
8: Wonderflow
9: Hard Wired
10: Show Me
11: Television
12: Beware The Limits

Straight Forward 7"

900 copies pressed across two pressings on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

Released September 2008.

The songs on this record were originally intended for a split 7" with Thee Vicars. The first pressing of this record had handstamped labels and a foldover cover, which was a rush release which was proposed, pressed and released within 2 weeks for a European tour.The second has a pocket sleeve and printed labels.

1: Straight Forward
2: Messin' With The Kid (Junior Wells)

Here Are The Limits 7"

Released September 2009 on Static Shock Records (UK) and Sorry State Records (US).
1341 copies have beeing pressed across 3 pressings.

1: Here Are The Limits
2: I'm A Square
3: All The Rage
4: Taking Two
5: In Your Shoes
6: Leave Me Alone

Espionage 7"

Released March 2008.
1050 pressed across 3 pressings on Dire Records (UK) and Sorry State Records (US)

These 3 songs were originally recorded for a split with the Eagle Boys which never happened.

1: Espionage
2: We Had A Gang
3: Amateurs

Limits Appear 7"

Released December 2007 on Keep Screaming Records
660 pressed across two pressings (December 2007 and August 2008). Wallride Records will be doing an American press shortly.

1: Limits Appear
2: Taking The Lead
3: Just Because
4: Who Is This They
5: Faith In Man
6: Mind's Eye

Yesterday's Heroes 7"

Released December 2007 on Limits Records.
220 copies were pressed. A repress on Motorchest Records is in the works.

1: Baby I'm Bored
2: Social Disease
3: Those Boots Look Expensive
4: When Humans Shout At Dogs
5: Twice As Fast
6: Yesterday's Heroes