Sunday, 24 July 2011


First of all, thanks to everyone who helped us out in America. It's definitely the most fun tour we've been on, and it was great to spend two weeks in a van with Daniel Lupton, Josh, Mike and Kyla. I would say we would do it again soon, but we're not. Out with a bang.

On that note, we have a bunch of gigs coming up soon. We may add one or two more, but that will literally be it. You know what to do...

Thursday 2nd August
The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London w/ Absurdo, Crosta and Knife Or Death.

Friday 10th August
The Stags Head, Hoxton, London w/ Role Models

Saturday 15th October
The 1 In 12 Club, Bradford w/ Inservibles, Anthrax, Glam and a whole bunch more as part of the Means To An End Fest.

Saturday 22nd October
The GYC, Guildford. - This is our final gig.

Also, we often get asked about other bands. For the record, these are the currently active bands we also play in:
  • No
  • Good Throb
  • Beat The Red Light
  • The Sauce
  • Sex Offenders
  • A currently un-named Rock and Roll band.
Information is probably somewhere on the internet if you look for it.